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Creating & Exporting Scenes in SketchUp
Layers Overview


0:00 Now that we have a bit of context as to where and what our reference model is,

0:06 let’s do a quick overview of how the model is set up as we’ll be doing some layer managing in later lessons.

0:12 If the layers window isn’t showing, open it up and notice the simplicity of the layers and layer names.

0:18 The individual components, such as walls, planting, concrete walks, etc.

0:24 are placed on their own layers intentionally as it allows us to quickly and easily create a ‘colorbylayer’ style,

0:31 also called 'Material ID' in the rendering world, which will save us a lot of time when selecting objects later in photoshop.

0:38 To see this in action, click on the upper right of the layers window and select 'color by layer.'

0:44 You can easily change the layer colors at any time by selecting the color box next to the layer name and picking a new color from the materials browser.

0:53 If you decide later that you need more control over selecting and isolating objects in your scene,

0:59 you can always put an object on a new layer, thus creating a new color for it that will show up in our colorbylayer export.