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Creating & Exporting Scenes in SketchUp
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0:01 Welcome to ‘Rendering using SketchUp and Photoshop’.

0:04 In this track, we’re going to teach you a practical and predictable process for organizing and exporting your SketchUp files,

0:11 with the knowledge that we’re going to edit and enhance them further using Photoshop.

0:16 Don't worry if you are not a professional illustrator or artist as the techniques were about to cover

0:21 are designed for everyone regardless of art background or previous rendering experience.

0:27 This track is organized into two main parts.

0:30 Part one, covers the process for setting up and exporting several variations of the same SketchUp view,

0:36 each separating out specific information, such as lines and shadows —which we will use to create our final rendered image.

0:44 Breaking these layers and scene styles apart in SketchUp gives us a lot of control over the final artistic look and feel of our rendered view.

0:52 The final composited image that we will be creating in part two, will be richer and more vibrant,

0:58 similar to what we might expect from traditional media like watercolor, than what we could generate from SketchUp alone.

1:05 Once you master these core ideas, you can adapt them into your own unique style in order to create your own stunning 3D visuals.