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Creating & Exporting Scenes in SketchUp
Exporting Scenes

1.4_Exporting Scenes

0:00 With our scenes set up and styled, we can move on to exporting our aerial view to png files.

0:07 Starting with the ‘Aerial_View’ scene, go to ‘File…Export…2D Graphic’… and choose ‘PNG’ for the file type.

0:19 Then click the ‘Options’ button.

0:22 Here we’ll set the view size to 6000 pixels wide by 4000 pixels tall.

0:27 Also check to make sure both ‘Anti-alias’ and ‘Transparent Background’ are selected and hit ‘OK’.

0:34 Then set the destination and hit ‘Export’.

0:39 Before we take the time to export the other scenes, let’s open this first one up and make sure everything looks ok….

0:47 Looks good to me so let’s keep going.

0:51 Before we do the others, let’s also take a second to set a shortcut key in the Preferences to help speed things up a bit.

0:58 Search for ‘Export’ and find ‘2D graphic’ and assign any key or keys you like.

1:06 Let’s use our new shortcut to export each of the other scenes.

1:11 We’ll speed the video up a bit as it might take a minute to save all the views.