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Inference Challenge

SU Fundamentals 2-3 Inference Challenge

0:02 If you were successful in adding these additional walls to the floor plan, feel free to skip ahead to the next lesson.

0:10 If you ran into problems here is how I approached this challenge.

0:15 Using the line tool I hovered over this corner to focus Sketchup there, then went back to the far wall using that inference to start this edge.

0:26 Then drawing across I found an inference to this edge in the model, clicked for that point, then found another inference to determine the width of our new wall.

0:39 Then simply draw back and finish this shape.

0:43 Use the eraser to merge this new surface into the existing wall.

0:48 Similarly, to draw the second wall I hovered before starting the line, then could start the edge from a known inference point, then found other inferences to finish the wall.

1:03 There are many ways to be fast and accurate in SketchUp, basic inferencing is just the start