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Blue Axis

SU Fundamentals 2-4 Blue Axis

0:03 Now that you've learned to combine inferences in the red and green directions, we are going to add the blue direction as well.

0:13 The most important thing to do is take your time and make sure you see both inferences.

0:22 To practice go to the fifth scene tab. We're going to draw a box from this rectangle.

0:28 Start drawing a line from one of the corners, find the blue axis and draw your line using that blue axis.

0:36 Now I'm going to draw across in the red direction and to find my inference I'll hover for two seconds on this corner...

0:45 ...and then find the red direction again and where it meets up with the blue inference.

0:51 I'll carefully click there and finish this side of the box. Now all other sides are drawn the same way.

1:00 Start an edge and find the combination of red and blue or green and blue inferences to draw the remaining sides.

1:11 Try to complete this box and remember you can always under your steps if needed and redraw edges until you finish the box.

1:22 As you continue to practice let me show a very common problem that will definitely happen to you.

1:30 When you are orbiting your model, from some views the red or green axis and the blue axis will overlap.

1:39 In this example this happens if I orbit so my view is aligned with the side of the box.

1:45 Now if I try it to draw a line extending this corner the green and the blue axis directions are nearly overlapping and I could easily draw my edge in a direction I didn't intend to.

1:58 This happens to everyone and is just one more reminder to take your time and watch your inferences also

2:06 A quick orbit will make these inferences more distinct and easier to use.

2:15 For more practice drawing with the blue axis jump to the sixth scene tab, which is a slightly more complicated shape...

2:24 ...and see if you can complete all the sides to build this volume out.

2:30 This may require you to navigate around a bit but it's great practice for inferencing.

2:37 We'd usually be using the push-pull tool to create this block but see if you can complete this exercise using only the line tool.