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Locating Nearby Models

6.3_Nearby Models

0:02 Depending on your project’s location, there may already be numerous models available through the 3DWarehouse.

0:11 But finding them through the 3DWarehouse's search options would be difficult if not impossible.

0:17 So just a bit of history here, these nearby builgins are called 'legacy' building models and were created as part of Google’s 'Building Maker' program before it switched to the current lidar-scanned buildings we see today.

0:34 You can see how many nearby models might be available in an area by first going to Google Earth’s preferences and disabling ‘3D Imagery’…which then enables the old ‘Building Maker’ legacy buildings.

0:46 We can see from our project’s location that there are a few buildings we may want to grab.

0:52 Those radio towers would definitely impact views and shadows so those alone are worth the effort we’re making right now.

1:01 Back in SketchUp, open the 'Components' window and click the little down arrow and then on ‘Nearby Models’.

1:10 Since our model is geo-located, SketchUp is using its latitude and longitude in order to search the 3DWarehouse for models that are also geo-located near our coordinates.

1:21 If you want more buildings to show up in your search, then go back into the geo-location settings and add more imagery to your model so it casts a wider ‘location net’ when searching.

1:32 One downside to be aware of is that with this method is that SketchUp used to drop the models into their spots automatically.

1:41 Something along the way changed and now, when you download a model to add, it then makes you place it manually.

1:49 This may be easy or difficult depending on the particular building.

1:54 Here’s a building whose roof is easy to spot and line up on our aerial.

1:60 Others, like a single family house may be a bit harder given they all look a bit similar.

2:06 Feel free to search and grab a few different [nearby] models in order to familiarize yourself with the general process.