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Importing Open Data: CADMapper

6.4_Open Data- CADMapper

0:01 Given that our search for nearby models didn’t get us very far, we now have to look elsewhere beyond SketchUp and 3D Warehouse to populate our neighborhood context model.

0:12 There are several sources and methods to find, extract, and import open data into SketchUp.

0:19 For this and the next lesson, we’re only going to focus on two similar methods for importing Open Street Map information…one of them free and one that requires a paid extension.

0:32 The first method requires us to use a web browser to find a site called 'CADmapper'.

0:38 You’ll need to create an account first which just takes a minute.

0:42 And then after signing in, we’re prompted to search for a map location.

0:47 We’ll enter ‘Seattle, WA’...and then navigate northeast a bit to locate our park site.

1:02 When selecting an area, we can see here that any selection under 1 sqkm is free.

1:11 And anything over increases incrementally up from 6 US dollars.

1:16 1 sqkm is plenty for our park's needs.

1:20 Let’s adjust the selection box making sure to keep our site centered and under 1 sqkm.

1:28 We now have some formatting choices to choose from.

1:32 Obviously we’re going to want ‘SketchUp 2015+’ format.

1:37 There are some additional options here to customize as well, like building height and road widths.

1:44 Depending on the site’s location, there may be no building height data available so the number we enter here fills in a minimum height and applies it to all the buildings with no height data assigned.

1:57 We’ll leave the settings as default for now and then hit ‘Create file’.

2:09 Here’s a preview of our file.

2:12 It looks like some of the building height data was available but not all.

2:17 It also looks pretty good considering tha this is free so let’s download it.

2:27 Once it's done downloading, let's unzip the file and open it up in SketchUp.

2:35 I personally like to keep things in larger groups with less layers so let's take a minute to group everything…

2:48 …and then merge the road layers.

3:04 The next step is to apply some simple color fills to each layer.

3:19 And finally, do some layer re-naming.