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Context Overview & Data Sources

6.1_ Context Overview & Data Sources

0:01 The first five courses provided a solid foundation for creating a landscape site model from just CAD linework and some content from the 3DWarehouse.

0:11 While our park model looks and functions great, the big problem with it still is that it lacks context.

0:18 Our park exists in a real-world location with surrounding streets and buildings that could impact everything from views to sun and shade.

0:26 Even if a client doesn’t ask for context outside of the property line, as a designer it’s a good idea to add as much as you reasonably can.

0:35 Luckily for us, there are several ways to view our model within its context.

0:40 The next lesson looks at how to export our model in order to view in Google Earth – which is a great technique as it lets us see 3D context without having to model anything.

0:51 The following three lessons explore techniques for doing the opposite, which is locating and importing context into SketchUp.