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Trimming the pillars

Course 6- Trim pillars

0:07 We’ve had these pillars sticking up through these roofs for a while now.

0:13 Let’s fix that.

0:15 Right now all 6 pillars are still based on 1 component, so we need to make some of these unique.

0:22 Looking at our structure, these 2 pillars will be identical, so we can make those unique together.

0:29 The far pillars will each be different, so we’ll make each one unique.

0:35 Now I’m going to zoom into the intersecting area of these components, edit one and draw the line where these edges intersect with this surface.

0:46 Then I can Push Pull the top of the pillar to cut it away.

0:52 Because I’m editing this component, even if I can’t see that top surface, I still know that’s the surface I’m pulling on.

1:04 If the idea of pushing on surfaces you can’t see is odd to you, then simply toggle X-ray mode on.

1:15 Either way, we’ll push this surface and reference the back edge to cut it away.

1:23 Now do the same on each of the other pillar components.

1:29 As you draw be careful where your line is snapping to.

1:35 It’s easy to infer to the edge of the cross bar, and that’s not going to work for us.

1:43 Just undo if necessary and be careful of your edges.

1:52 After we’ve cut away all these pillars to match their roofs, that looks a lot better.

1:60 Now zoom out and find a view where we can select just part of this structure.

2:06 Dragging a left-to-right selection window, I want to grab just one half of our playground.

2:12 A quick check of my selection, and then copy our selection some distance in the green direction.

2:19 While I still have all these parts selected, I’m going to group them together to make it easy to move around as one object.

2:28 It can be really handy to create temporary groups and then we’ll explode this back to its parts after we get it positioned correctly.

2:37 Before we position it though, let’s rotate it 90 degrees.

2:49 Steps:

0:00 - Draw your lines carefully and use X-ray with Push Pull if you’d like. - Select half of the playground elements, copy them in the Green direction and make them a group. - Rotate the group 90 degrees