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Course 1- Introduction

0:03 Welcome to the fundamentals practice session.

0:08 This track is meant to be an opportunity to combine many of the tools and techniques that you learned in the basic Fundamentals Track

0:17 We started that track by modeling a very simple playground and this time we're going to create a much more detailed playground,

0:27 which will help you solidify the concepts learned in fundamentals.

0:33 Please keep in mind that we may remind you of techniques learned in the fundamentals but we won't be describing every step in detail.

0:43 We are trusting that you've completed that track previously.

0:47 As an example, I may simply instruct you to select these three pillars and copy them four feet away

0:57 You should already know how to select multiple groups, how to copy with the move tool and how to enter an exact distance as all of those concepts were part of fundamentals

1:12 We'll remind you of certain steps along the way but if these concepts are completely new to you this will be a frustrating experience so we heavily recommend that you complete the fundamentals track first.

1:27 One more note on how these lessons are structured.

1:31 We know the best way to learn Sketchup is to use Sketchup. We want you to build this entire model yourself

1:39 We also know it's tricky to watch a video and try to build along with it and jumping between the video window and your Sketchup window is cumbersome.

1:51 We are going to try this method:

1:54 As we build this playground we'll show some progress and then pause and display the basic steps to follow along

2:03 This will be a good time for you to pause the video, rewind if necessary and recreate the steps we've taken.

2:11 In this way you don't have to try and keep up in real-time.

2:17 We'll include these steps in the download file as well if you'd prefer to print them out.

2:23 Presenting a project in this way is something we haven't tried before so if you find it helpful or difficult to use please let us know in our forums.

2:36 We always welcome feedback.

2:39 Okay, let's get started on building this playground.