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Editing the roofs

Course 4- Edit roofs

0:04 With our basic roofs in place, let’s add a bit of detail.

0:08 We’ll adjust the height of these pillars in a moment.

0:12 The reason we copied this roof structure and left a version on the ground is that it’s often easier to edit and add details to a component that is isolated from the other geometry.

0:25 I want to add some structure to the bottom of this component.

0:29 We could navigate underneath, but we could also easily use the move tool to rotate this roof 180 degrees, so we can just work on it from above.

0:40 Let’s edit this component and offset the main surface inward by 2 inches, then push that new surface down by 1 inch.

0:50 I want to add one more cross member in the center of this structure.

0:55 To make this simple, I’ll just use the tape measure tool, to pull a guide line to the center.

1:03 Then, pull 2 more guidelines, 1 inch away from that center guide, to give us the same 2 inches we used for the outer frame.

1:11 Now I’ll just trace the guides with the line tool and I like to use inference locking here when drawing these lines.

1:20 This guarantees my lines are straight and makes it easy to snap to this lower edge from my current view.

1:27 I could simply navigate to see where this edge will intersect the outer frame edge but I don’t have to.

1:34 By understanding inference locking, I can continue drawing from the same view.

1:41 So draw in the two edges we need, with whatever method you are comfortable with, then push this inner frame surface up and reference the outer frame to finish.

1:53 Let’s close this component.

1:55 We added the guidelines inside the component, so we can’t erase them unless we edit the component again.

2:03 While that is easy to do, we can also simply go the Edit Menu, and choose ‘Delete Guides’, which will ignore how guides are embedded and simply delete all guides completely.

2:16 I want to take a moment to examine how we’ve created this roof.

2:21 This is all one component with connected geometry.

2:25 To build a roof like this in real life, it would be multiple steel bars that are welded or bolted together and depending on your needs, you may want to model all of those connection and details.

2:39 For this model, we are not going to go into that amount of detail, so just keep that in mind as we continue.

2:49 Looking at our roof structure and where it connects to the pillars, I think it will help if we add some support beams.

2:57 We can start this on our isolated roof.

3:00 Edit the roof and draw a rectangle away from the other geometry. Let’s make it 30 by 4 inches, and pull it up 4 inches.

3:11 I’m not worried about the length of this bar, because we can just use Push Pull and inferences to make it fit inside our frame, whatever that length is.

3:25 Select it all and make it a component.

3:29 Now we have this cross beam inside our roof component.

3:33 Let’s move it into the frame and make sure it’s sitting flush to the inside surfaces.

3:39 We don’t need to worry yet how far in the frame to place it, but let’s make one more copy toward the other half of the roof.

3:49 As an added detail on this cross bar, let’s edit one of the components, so we are now editing 2 levels deep inside our roof component, which we can see by the editing bounding boxes.

4:01 I’ll use the tape measure tool to create a guide at 4 inches and then draw a line from the center point or the intersection of the frame and the bar.

4:11 Whatever looks best to you.

4:15 Draw that angled line, push it across to cut away the corner and repeat the same steps on the other side.

4:26 When you are done, click outside the roof twice to close both editing levels.

4:32 Delete the guides we created.

4:41 Steps:

0:00 - Create guidelines to and from the center of the roof. Draw lines to create a 2 inch wide surface, pull the surface up to meet the outer frame. - While still editing the roof component, draw a 4 inch wide rectangle off to the side and pull it up 4 inches. - Use Push Pull and inferences to extend the cross bar to the insides of the roof frame. - Make the cross bar a component and move it inside the frame. - Make a copy of the cross bar. - Edit the cross bar component and add angles on each end, then close out of the roof component and delete any guides.