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Editing the Pillars

Course 3- Edit pillars

0:04 Let’s copy this platform in the green direction to the 2nd set of pillars and remember to be deliberate in the starting point of your copy, so you can infer to other geometry to finish.

0:19 We want this to fit between the 2nd set of pillars.

0:23 Then move the platform up by 6 inches.

0:28 Since all these pillars are components, let’s give them a wider base.

0:35 I’ll navigate underneath one, edit it and use the circle tool to create a cylinder.

0:44 I can hover over two mid-points to ask SketchUp for an inference to the center of this square.

0:52 Once I find that center, I’ll draw a circle with a 4 inch radius, pull it up 6 inches and close this component.

1:02 So, we’ve got some pillars and platforms, but we better add a roof in case we get some rain.

1:10 Let’s start a roof surface on the ground.

1:13 Draw a rectangle that is 60 inches by 80 inches and give it a depth of 2 inches.

1:21 Now select it all and make it a component.

1:25 Let’s move a copy of this roof component up to the top of the pillars.

1:37 We can use the Move tool to hover over the side until we see the red tick marks, then use those and snap this roof surface at 30 degrees.

1:48 To center this roof above the platform, I’ll select and move it by a center point, then I can inference lock the green direction with shift or left arrow key, and infer to the platform center point to finish.

2:06 Move this roof onto the pillars to a point you are happy with.

2:10 We are going to overlap, but not join the roof surfaces.

2:15 So move a copy of this roof in the red direction and use the Move tool to again rotate this roof.

2:22 I’ll choose 30 degrees again, but go ahead and choose an angle that looks good to you.

2:29 I’m going to move this down as well and position the two roofs so they overlap but don’t touch.

2:38 Adjust your roofs as you’d like.

2:47 Steps:

0:00 - Edit one of the pillars and give it a wider base. I used a circle with a 4” radius and 6” height - Create a roof structure on the ground, 60 x 80 x 2 inches. - Make the roof a component and copy it to the top of the pillars. - Center the roof based on the platform below, angle the roof structure, copy it and angle the 2nd roof structure as well.