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Creating Pillars

Course 2- Create Pillars

0:04 If you are starting with one of the default templates, you can erase the scale person now.

0:11 Also, I’ll be using inches as my default units, but feel free to build this with metric units if you prefer.

0:20 The exact dimensions are not crucial.

0:23 For example, I’m going to start by drawing a 3 inch by 3 inch square, and then pull this up 12 feet.

0:31 You could easily make this an 8 or 10 centimeter square and pull it up, say 3.5 meters.

0:40 In SketchUp, you’ll usually start with a few exact dimensions, but then you’ll simply infer to known entities.

0:48 Let me delete this 2nd pillar, and then select the first pillar (with a quick triple click selection) and make it a component.

0:58 Now I’ll copy this pillar, by starting to move it in the red direction, tapping the CTRL key on Windows or the Option key on Mac to toggle a copy, and place it 4 feet away from the first.

1:12 Then select both pillars, this time copy them along the green axis, again at 4 feet. Then type 2x and press enter to make an additional copy.

1:25 We’ll make the starting platform by drawing a rectangle at any size, pulling it up 2 inches, then pulling each side and inferring to our existing pillars.

1:43 To finish this platform we could use the line tool to draw edges here and here… or simple draw a rectangle, since the overlapping edges will merge.

1:56 This leaves our surface broken so we can pull it out and infer to the pillar for length.

2:04 Let’s repeat those steps on the opposite surface.

2:11 Then triple-click to select the entire platform and make it a component.

2:18 Lastly move this platform straight up 30 inches.

2:34 - Create a pillar component 3”x3”x12’. - Copy the pillar component 4 feet in the red direction. - Copy both pillars 4 feet in the green direction. (Twice) - Create a platform 2 inches high, extended to the sides of the pillars. - Move the platform 30 inches up.