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Aligning the 3rd platform

Course 7- Align 3rd platform

0:07 I want to move this group to leave exactly 10 feet between the platforms and be sure this group is lined up with the other platforms.

0:18 Again, if you’ve been using metric, something close to 10 feet, say 3 meters will work fine.

0:26 Let’s establish the 10 foot distance first, to show some options with the Tape Measure tool.

0:33 I might try pulling a guideline 10 feet away from this edge as a reference to snap to.

0:41 Then I start moving our group by the front edge I want to snap to that 10 foot guide.

0:47 It’s not working though. I’m not getting an inference to the guide.

0:53 I could hit ESC and try again, perhaps from the front edge of the pillar.

0:58 Maybe this point will snap to that guideline.

1:01 No, this edge isn’t working either.

1:06 There are a few ways we could make this work.

1:10 We pulled the guideline from this edge, which created a guide that was above the platform that we are moving.

1:18 Remember that we copied this first platform. If we had pulled a guide from here, it would be level with the platform we are moving and we actually could snap to it.

1:32 However, we are looking for 10 feet between these two platforms that are not level. There are several ways to make this work.

1:42 Using our initial guide, if we simply draw a temporary line on the guide, it provides actual geometry to snap to.

1:57 We could also pull out a 2nd guide from the edge of the pillar at 10 feet which creates an intersection point that we could snap to.

2:17 Other options are to draw a temporary line from one platform edge at 10 feet long and snap to that endpoint.

2:34 Or remember that the Tape Measure tool can draw from endpoints which creates a guide with an endpoint to snap to.

2:53 One final method is to move the entire group back toward the first platform, lock it in the green direction and reference a mid point or end point to line it up exactly.

3:06 Now we can move that group back exactly 10 feet and we have our distance.

3:14 As usual, there are multiple ways to accomplish the same task, so it’s useful just to know various options.

3:26 Lining up the back edge is easy.

3:29 I can start moving the group from the edge I want to line up, lock it in the red direction and reference an end point or mid-point on our main playground.

3:41 With our group properly positioned, we can explode our temporary group, back to its separate components.

3:48 Then move this platform, lock it in the blue direction so it is at the same height of the adjacent platform.

3:58 We have all the platforms in place to continue building the rest of our playground.

4:03 As a final challenge, extend this copied platform and roof by 4 feet, practicing the methods we’ve done before.

4:11 Just remember to make unique components of the roof and platform before editing them.

4:19 Knowing the distance makes this fairly easy to move the pillars and geometry exactly 4 feet, and they all line up perfectly.

4:40 Finally, we'll adjust the roof cross members based on this new length.

5:08 Steps:

0:00 - Extend the roofs and platform by 4 feet and adjust the new roof as needed.