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Adjusting the cross beams

Course 5- Adjusting the cross beams

0:03 Now we need to center the cross bars on the pillars.

0:08 Let’s look at two ways you might approach this.

0:13 We’ll edit this roof component, and move one cross bar by the outer surface.

0:19 Then lock the green direction and reference the outer pillar surface to finish.

0:25 I know that my pillar is 3 inches wide and the cross bar is 4 inches wide, so now I just need to move the cross bar back in the green direction by half an inch.

0:39 We don’t have to know the exact dimensions though, we can reference the center of the cross bar with the center of the pillar.

0:48 To do this, we’ll need to toggle X-ray mode on.

0:52 You can find X-ray mode under View: Face Styles: X-ray.

0:58 You can also add a set of default icons to toggle various styles on an off.

1:04 On Windows this is done through View: Toolbars. Then choose which options you want.

1:12 X-ray is part of styles.

1:18 On Mac you can right-click on the upper toolbar and choose 'Customize' to drag icons on and off.

1:29 With X-ray on, make sure we are still editing the roof component, and select the cross bar.

1:36 We are going to move it by this mid-point, lock the green direction and then reference the mid-point at the top of the pillar.

1:47 With that done, close this component, toggle X-ray back off and let's zoom out.

2:01 Select both roofs, copy them from this corner and lock them to the edge of the center pillars.

2:10 Then move them down far enough so they don’t intersect our first roofs.

2:16 That feels a bit too low to me, so I’ll adjust these so they are angled at 15 degrees and move them back up a bit.

2:24 Adjust these as you’d like, we just need a second set of roofs.

2:52 Now this set of roofs doesn’t work with the pillars.

2:57 Let’s select these new roofs, right click and make them unique so we can edit them separately.

3:04 I’ll edit one roof, delete one of the cross bars, and center the other on the outer pillar, using X-ray and mid-points as we did previously.

3:27 This roof does extend out further than I’d like, so I’m going drag a selection window to encompass just the outer frame, and move it inward by 18 inches.

3:42 Then I’l drag another window to select just the center frame, find the mid-point,

3:50 lock my movement in the green direction and reference the top edge mid-point to place it.

4:03 Steps:

0:00 - Move the 2nd set of roof down and adjust their angle as desired. - Make the 2nd set of roofs unique, edit them and adjust the cross bars and frame elements.