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Examining the railing

Course 11- Examining the bridge

0:03 Before we move on to other parts of this playground, let’s take a moment to examine how we created this railing.

0:13 You may have realized that by copying these posts in the way that we did, the results are not completely accurate.

0:22 For example, this first post actually sits inside the other geometry, and if we then look at the other side, the post sits slightly above the bridge surface.

0:35 It’s a best practice to resolve geometry like this, so it meets up correctly, but for this example, to keep things simple, we’ll just let this be.

0:46 The best way to create these posts accurately, would probably involve making each of these posts unique, because each angle is slightly different.

0:56 Then we could copy and mirror one set of components to the other side.

1:01 However, mirroring is something that we did not cover in the basic fundamentals.

1:07 So for those of you that picked up on the inaccuracy of our posts, yes, there are more accurate ways to approach this particular challenge, which we will learn about in other courses.

1:20 For this example, we are going to keep moving on. In the next set of lessons, we are going to have some fun with the Follow-Me tool.

1:34 Steps: