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Continuing the bridge

Course 9- Continuing the bridge

0:05 To add bit more detail to our bridge, let’s edit it, select the side surface and copy it some distance away.

0:14 Let’s make this 3 inches wide to match our pillars or whatever width you made your pillars.

0:22 Select it all, make it a component, and then we’ll place a few copies on our bridge.

0:29 I’ll move it by endpoints to snap it in place on the edges of our bridge.

0:39 Now select both copies, start moving them in the blue direction and tap the modifier key to make additional copies, and move them upward 30 inches for some railing on our bridge.

0:53 On this side we need an additional pillar for the railing to connect to.

0:58 Move and copy one of our existing pillars and lock the red direction to snap it to the railing.

1:06 We don’t need the full height on this one, so let’s trim it down.

1:09 Remember to make it unique first, then edit the pillar, draw a line to split the surface and push the pillar back to cut it away.

1:21 Sometimes in SketchUp, this operation still leaves the back surface intact.

1:27 If this happens simply erase the edges for that left over surface, and then double check that the results are what we'd expect.

1:41 Steps:

0:00 - Place copies of the component on each side of the bridge. - Raise additional copies of the arch in the blue direction to 30 inches. - Copy a pillar so it meets up with the new railing, make it unique and trim it to the height of the railing.