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Slide archway

Course 17- Slide Archway

0:04 Most every playground I know of, has a slide. We should definitely create one.

0:11 Let’s make an archway for the top of the slide.

0:16 We can draw a rectangle between two pillars and pull it up 60 inches.

0:23 Then offset this surface inward by 6 inches and move the resulting rectangle down to exactly meet the bottom edge.

0:33 Now draw a 2-point Arc on the top of the inner rectangle.

0:37 I’ll make this bulge distance 10 inches and draw another 2-point Arc between the outer edges and snap it to the top edge.

0:47 Erase this dividing line and then use Push Pull to cut away geometry and leave our arch.

0:57 Finish by making it a component.

1:08 Steps:

0:00 - Create arcs on the top with a radius that looks good to you - Use Push Pull to carve away geometry and leave the arch. - Make the arch a component.