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Course 14- Handrails

0:03 We can create the hand holds for these steps and the structure that would hold them up, together.

0:12 Use the tape measure tool to create a few guidelines.

0:15 Lets create guides 2 inches from the front and side edges, and 4 inches from the back edge.

0:27 Now with our guide intersections, draw two vertical lines, both 34 inches high.

0:39 Then draw a 2-point Arc, and be sure to watch that your arc stays in the blue direction and we’ll snap it to a half circle.

0:51 With our path complete, let’s draw a circle off to the side of our path, starting on the front guideline and make it 1/2 or 3/4 inch radius.

1:07 Before we create this rail, go ahead and change the number of segments in our circle. I think 12 is going to be all that we’ll need.

1:20 We are ready now for Follow Me. Select the path, select Follow Me and select the circle.

1:30 This looks good, make it a component and then erase our path.

1:35 We could have drawn the circle directly on the the path, but then the left-over path would still be inside our handrail making it a little more difficult to delete.

1:46 To move our handrail exactly to the side guideline, we can toggle Hidden Geometry on, select and move the rail by this specific endpoint to snap to our 2 inch guideline.

2:01 With the first rail in place, copy it to the opposite side as well, using the guideline to snap to.

2:10 Now select both rails and we can easily array them up the steps by making a copy from the corner of one step to the corner of the next step and making 3 total copies.

2:26 Toggle Hidden Geometry off and erase or delete all guides.

2:37 Steps:

0:00 - Draw a circle with 12 segments next to our path and use Follow Me to create a handrail. - Make the rail a component and erase the Follow Me path. - Place and copy the rails on one step, then copy both rails to all steps. - Delete the guides.