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Final notes

Course 19- Final notes

0:04 At this point, our playground is looking pretty good.

0:09 Maybe as a final detail we can group our slide and arch together to make it easy to copy, rotate and move to another side of the playground.

0:25 The rest is up to you.

0:29 Add more details if you’d like. Copy existing parts of this model around.

0:36 We didn’t cover materials in Basic Fundamentals but play around with the Paint Bucket tool if you want to add some colors.

0:45 We’d love to see what you created.Post an image of your model in our forums.

0:51 We have a sub-forum specifically for this track if you have any other feedback.

0:57 Don’t stop here though.

1:01 This was a great practice exercise for what we learned in the Basic Fundamentals but there is still plenty more to learn.

1:13 We’ll see you in future courses.