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Climbing rings

Course 12- Climbing rings

0:03 We’ve got a good basis for our playground.

0:08 We've been able to practice using components and the move tool and inference locking, all of which we’ll continue using but now let’s create some fun elements to actually play on for our playground.

0:22 The Follow Me tool is going to help us do that.

0:26 Let’s start over on this corner and create a way to climb up onto the platform.

0:31 We’ll start by creating a path we can use for Follow Me.

0:37 Draw a line from this mid-point in the green direction and make it 12 inches long.

0:44 Do the same in the red direction from the adjacent side, also at 12 inches.

0:52 Now we’ll draw a 2-point Arc between these two lines.

0:57 Be careful about the direction the Arc tool snaps to, it will try to snap to the blue axis, so make sure it stays in the same plane as our edges.

1:08 I’ll look for the half-circle inference point and finish this arc.

1:15 Now we can use the circle tool to create a shape.

1:18 With the circle tool selected, hover for a moment over the endpoint of our edge to focus SketchUp and give us an inference to that point.

1:28 Then we can move up a few inches and draw our circle. I think a radius of 3/4 inch or 1 inch should work fine.

1:38 We’ve got our path, we’ve got our shape.

1:41 So select all parts of the path, choose Follow Me and click on our circle to finish.

1:49 Looking at these results, this may work fine or we can adjust the segments for a smoother curve.

1:57 I think we can add a few segments to the arc and reduce the segments in the circle.

2:04 So I’ll undo and then bring up the entity info and change the number of segments in the arc to 18, and the number of segments in the circle down to 12.

2:18 This should give us a better looking result with a bit less geometry.

2:24 Remember that there is no definitive rule to how much detail to include in your models.

2:31 You are generally trying to strike a balance between what looks good and still has lower polygon count, which will keep your model performance fast.

2:43 Let’s make this ring a component, and erase the path as we don’t need it anymore.

2:49 Now copy and array this ring upward.

2:52 I’ll use a distance of 8 inches and make 6 or 7 copies.

3:07 Steps:

0:00 - Use Follow Me to create a ring. - Evaluate the level of detail in our ring. - - Undo the Follow Me command, change the number of segments in the circle or arc and recreate the ring. - Make the ring a component and array it upward as steps to climb on.