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Tape Measure Tool

SU Fundamentals 4-2 Tape Measure

0:02 A very useful tool for accuracy is the tape measure tool.

0:08 As you might guess, you can measure the distance between points with this tool.

0:14 Click once to set the anchor, then hover around other points in your model to measure the distance between those points. Hit the ESC key to exit out of this mode.

0:27 Another function of the tape measure is to create guidelines.

0:32 Rather than clicking on a point, click on an edge and pull away to create a guide line parallel to that edge.

0:41 Guides are incredibly useful as a reference. You can snap to them and create multiple guides to help you draw quickly.

0:52 For example, I might create a guide 30 inches from the floor then 60 inches from that existing guide...

1:00 ...then two more guides 18 inches away from each wall to use as a reference for creating a window opening.

1:11 You can also create non parallel guides by clicking between two points that are not joined by an edge.

1:22 For creating guides on an angle, a better tool is to use the protractor tool and we'll cover the protractor tool in a separate course.

1:34 Finally, you can delete a guide with the eraser tool or you can also remove all guides from your model by going to the Edit menu and choosing 'Delete Guides'.